Definition: It is a nutritional disorder that occurs as a result of sudden feeding of easily digestible feeds (mostly factory feed) in abnormal quantities and manifests itself with increased acidity of the rumen and sudden swelling. In such cases, the findings observed in animals; It can be counted as a significant decrease in milk amount and milk fat, diarrhea, loss of appetite, little or no rumination, and death in advanced cases.

Causes of occurrence:

Feeding with cereal grains (wheat, barley) or crushed grains, sudden feeding of sugary feed materials such as apple, grape pomace molasses and sugar beet pulp in much more than usual amounts, The ratio of feeds such as fiber-rich straw (silage) in the ration is suddenly reduced, and easily digestible factory feeds are fed in large quantities,

Treatment and Prevention:

Animals should not be fed anything on the first day when signs of disease are observed. Good quality hay should be fed the next day. This practice should be continued for several days. In urgent cases, a veterinarian should be consulted as soon as possible. AVOID SUDDEN FEED CHANGES. Great care should be taken in feeding with factory feed, and animals should be given accustomed to them. Care should be taken in the transition from feeds such as straw (silage) to high-energy factory feeds, and animals should be provided with a transition period of at least 1 week-15 days. Factory feeds should be increased a little every day to bring the straw (silage)/factory feed ratio to the desired state. Additional grain crushers should not be used unless necessary, and if they are to be used, they should not be too finely crushed or ground.