It is a problem that manifests itself with lameness that occurs with roughage-concentrated feed balance disorder. The cow is uncomfortable in standing, low productivity occurs. It mostly occurs as a result of excess histamine formed in the rumen going to the feet with the blood circulation. Liver abscess is related to the disorder of the ratio of coarse and concentrated feed, and it is the problems that occur when the microbes enter the blood circulation as a result of the acid formed in the rumen injuring the rumen. When faced with a decrease in milk fat ratio, an examination should be made in terms of acidosis. The roughage-concentrated feed rate should be reviewed and attention should be paid to whether there is a foot problem. Very finely chopped roughage can cause a decrease in the milk fat rate. In such a problem, it is beneficial to add sodium bicarbonate up to five per thousand of the dry matter of the ration to the feed. The dry period is the most suitable period for the control of internal and external parasites in animals. It is necessary to support the cows in the dry period with A.D.E vitamins by adding to the feed or by injection. Selenium and vitamin E injections applied 3 weeks before the birth or their inclusion in the food prevent the events of not being able to get rid of the end. Dry cows should be kept in a clean comfortable environment and be able to move. Precautions regarding excessive temperature must be taken.